Maintain Belts and Hoses to Stay on the Road

There are many things that go into keeping your vehicle operating efficiently. This includes maintaining the parts and components that are necessary for your car to function. Belts and hoses are among the components that should be regularly monitored and checked for wear and tear.

Belts are part of the system that make engine accessories work. They are needed to make your vehicle's alternator, water pump, timing belt, and other components operational. Hoses are necessary to transfer fuel, air, and coolant to their throughout the engine. Both belts and hoses should be routinely checked for cracks, brittleness, splits and, if found, should be replaced to avoid your car breaking down.

If you notice any issues with your vehicle's belts and hoses, then don't hesitate to bring it to our Lowell, MI service center for maintenance. We are fully equipped to handle any and all of your service needs.

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