Owning A Car Costs This Much

Anybody that has owned a vehicle knows that the cost of maintaining that vehicle – whether it be an expensive option, or something more affordable, like a slightly-used car with good gas mileage – is often lots more than the purchase price of that particular vehicle.

You should inform yourself of the various costs that enter the calculation of how much a car will run you.

Tires will be required to be changed about every year, although it could occur in a few months, if they’re cheap, and you drive a lot.

Insurance will be based on your driving record, the kind of vehicle you’re insuring, and several other factors. While you can’t change most of them, you certainly can, in fact, lower insurance premiums by buying a safe, cheap vehicle.

Most people have trouble calculating the total cost of ownership – except our experts. Come by Betten Baker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Lowell and let us calculate that amount for you.
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