6 Vehicle Fluids to Check for a Smooth Ride

The best way to keep your vehicle in a fabulous running shape is to inspect the car's fluid regularly. Engine wear will not occur which will save you some money as you will rarely visit an auto shop. Pay close attention to the following fluids:

• Engine oil. Use a dipstick to regularly check for its level to avoid running low of it.

• Transmission fluid. If regularly inspected, expensive repair issues will be prevented.

• Power steering fluid which makes your vehicle perfectly maneuverable. Replace it after a 50,000-mile ride.

• Brake fluid should be replaced after two years to facilitate proper breaking which can prevent accidents.

• Coolant should be regularly checked to avoid car overheating.

• Check radiator fluid to prevent engine overheating.

The above fluids are vital if you wish to keep your vehicle in a perfect shape. You are free to visit Betten Baker Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram as we will be willing to educate you on how to take care of car fluids for all vehicle models.

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