Why is My Tailpipe Hanging Down?

The exhaust system of your car is rigid from beginning to end. The last section is the tailpipe that carries the exhaust from the muffler to a point beyond your car’s bumper. A series of brackets hold the exhaust system in place. Any change in angle of the tailpipe could mean a break in your exhaust system.

A hanging tailpipe is a tell-tale that should never be ignored. When the angle of the tailpipe changes, it is an indicator of a far more serious problem. Either one of the brackets holding the exhaust system in place is broken, or there is a fracture somewhere along the exhaust pipe route. In either case, you need to take care of the issue immediately.

When you see your tailpipe hanging at an odd angle, bring your vehicle to our auto parts and repair center to get a quick assessment of your exhaust system.

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