Winter's Effect on Batteries

It is cold outside, and boy, do we feel it. Your battery feels it, too. Did you know that your battery is designed to work the best between 30 and 90-degrees Fahrenheit? In winter temperatures, your battery must work twice as hard to keep you mobile.

The reasons your battery must work harder in the cold are twofold. First, the oil thickens and moves more slowly. This requires your battery to push more current through your engine to warm up the oil so it can flow effectively. Second, the chemical reaction that goes on within your battery also slows down. This makes it twice as hard for your battery to produce enough current to start your vehicle.

So, be kind to your battery, especially during the cold weather months. Park your car in the garage when possible. Keep your battery clean, and when replacing the battery, make sure you replace it with one that meets your vehicle's specifications. Your battery will reward you with dependability even when arctic temperatures chill the air.



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