A reliable cargo van should handle towing and hauling jobs without burdening driver. The popular Ram ProMaster removed many worries about capabilities. The powerful van presents outstanding towing and holding capacity.

Here is something to think about: a van not requiring an oil change until traveling 10,000 miles saves both time and money. When the van goes in for service, the vehicle is not hauling cargo. Oil changes are unavoidable and necessary. Thanks to the excellent engine on the ProMaster, they aren’t necessary until you hit the 10,000-mile mark. That said, we all should be checked regularly.

As for the towing and hauling, the amount of way the ProMaster carries or pulls is incredible. The cargo load carries 4,680 pounds, and the towing handles upwards of 6,910 pounds.

See for yourself what the Ram ProMaster can do. At our dealership, we welcome you to take a test drive and experience firsthand the amazing capabilities.


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